Monday, September 30, 2013

Today In McGraw History: Mary Elizabeth "Napper" married John Sizemore on this date in 1869.

From The Marriage Records of Wyoming County - 1869

September Book 1, Page 18, Line 13

For those of you who have a hard time reading the original, we decoded it for you.

More genealogical information for Mary Elizabeth is available on our web-site at:

We will be placing higher quality downloads of these documents on our site for
download within the next few weeks. We have several more updates we're
preparing to load at the same time.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New From Our Website: Genealogy - Joseph Barrett "Gus" McGraw

Now available on the ABOUT US section of our website, a Family Group Sheet with genealogical information for Joseph Barrett "Gus" and his wife, Nancy Daniels. Fun Fact: Nancy is the sister of Victoria Daniels who married Gus' brother Jabo.

We already have charts on the site for Napper, Collins, Pole and Mayhorn. There are more to come, but if you think we've made a mistake, or have more information that you think we should add, email us at

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ed Kerns Obituary - 1967

Today has been a week since we launched out online store and this post will be the last in our look at Ed Kerns.

From the Raleigh Register - April 4, 1967

Rev. Donnelly, who performed the service, had a regular column for the newspaper and wrote about his trip to McGraws to perform the service.

From The Beckley Post-Herald - April 14, 1967

While the good Reverend wrote some interesting observations, he was a little off in his history lesson on the McGraws area. For those of us who never saw Mullens in it's heyday, it's staggering to think of the regular trains that passed through there, connecting us to the nation. We will continue and conclude the story of the real Kerns Grocery when we tell you more about Galena, but those are other stories for future days.

Thank you for undulging us as we tried to promote our new offerings. We will have some new products in the months to come: mugs and maybe a calendar, but for that we need your help! We asked you a few weeks back for any pictures that you may have of John & Mahala's Children. We have had some people who have promised to get us some copies, but if you have any, we'd like to see those too!

We will have the next of our genealogical updates coming to the site this week, and more articles for you to read. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see on the site, or products for our store, please feel free to let us know! You can email us at:

Friday, September 20, 2013

More About Ed Kerns

We're closing out the big Grand Opening week for our online store, Kerns Grocery, and we've been sharing some things with you about Ed and Galena. This post and our next post will focus more on Ed, we'll share more about Galena later.

From the Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register - April 21, 1956

We aren't sure what the rumor was that prompted him to take out this ad, but we regret to say that he did not win the election. 

From the Raleigh Register - August 1, 1958

Ed and Galena rebuilt after the fire and the store operated through the 70's. Now our online version of their store carries on the tradition. You can see our full selection of shirts that celebrate the McGraws and the McGraws area over on our website at. . .

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kerns-McGraw Marriage - 1937

In further celebration of the opening of our new online store, Kerns Grocery, we share with you Galena & Ed's Marriage License. Ed and Galena were married January 9, 1937, and were separated by Ed's untimely death in 1967.

Galena and Ed did not have children, but they live on in our memories, and in our online store. Remember to head on over to our website and check out our full selection of shirts. In addition to a McGraw family shirt, we have Glen Rogers High School and Milam High School shirts among many others.

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The Secret's Out!

We've been teasing you for a few weeks that we had a surprise for you, and the wait is over. . . WE HAVE SHIRTS!  We asked you for ideas to bring more interest to the reunion, and several of you said you would like to have reunion shirts.

You asked for it! Head over to the new SHIRTS page on our website to see the full selection of custom designed t-shirts the have available for you to purchase! All shirts are 2-sided designs and in addition to a McGraw Reunion shirt, we have a McGraws shirt, a John McGraw School shirt and several others!

Whether you're a McGraw, or from the McGraws area, we think you're going to like these shirts! Get one for yourself, or for someone else - they make great gifts! Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays or just because!To get all the details, and to learn about our new online store, Kern's Grocery, head on over to our website!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hash-Brown Wedding - 1955

From the Raleigh Register - April 6, 1955

From the Beckley Post-Herald - April 3, 1955

Nancy is the g-granddaughter of John & Mahala
(Nancy>Ola>William Harrison "Pole">John)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer 2013 Newsletter Download Available

Based on several requests, we now have the inaugural edition of the McGraw Family Newsletter for Summer 2013 available for download from our website. We originally sent this out in July to our email subscribers, so if you missed out you will be able to see the benefits of being a subscriber!

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