Friday, July 31, 2015

Today in McGraw History - July 31, 1960

Today in McGraw History. . .

I came across this item, and couldn't resist pulling it out and sharing it. I believe the Dwight that is being referred to is the son of Herbert, who was son of John's son H.G. "Dad". based on the play on words, I assume that what was in his 'craw' was the fact that we were McCraws before we were McGraws! 

As you may know, John changed our family name, although when or why still hasn't been substantiated. Family lore states he did it through an act of the WV Legislature and it was because he met a man he admired named McGraw while he served in the Legislature. We're still researching this and will let you know what we find, or don't find!

We edited this column down for the bits we wanted to share, if you'd like to read the whole thing-

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Today in McGraw History. . .

Today in McGraw History. . .

From the Raleigh Register
July 7, 1966

Only 12 days until this year's McGraw Reunion, Sunday, July 19, at Southern WV Community and Technical College in Saulsville, WV. For directions and more information go to our web-site at: