Saturday, March 26, 2016

From the Beckley Post-Herald: Owls Bop Paw Paw

From the Beckley Post-Herald
Saturday Morning - March 26, 1977

Tomorrow will continue our Tournament coverage with the results of the
Glen Rogers vs. Gauley Bridge Championship Game!

Friday, March 25, 2016

From The Raleigh Register: Glen Rogers In First Playoff

From The Raleigh Register
Friday Afternoon - March 25, 1977

Remember to check Back tomorrow for full coverage of the results from the
Glen Rovers vs. Paw Paw Class "A" Tournament opener!

From The Beckley Post-Herald - Owls: 12 Starters?

From The Beckley Post-Herald
Friday Morning - March 25, 1977

This afternoon we will have our second article of the day, and the articles will continue through the weekend, so make sure you check back Saturday and Sunday to see how coverage of the Tournament progressed!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

39 Years Ago Today: Glen Rogers advances to the State Boys Basketball Tournament!

In the Raleigh Register 39 Years Ago Today:
Glen Rogers advances to the State Boys Basketball Tournament for the first time in 41 years!

Do we have any sports fans out there? We hope so! For many of us who attended John McGraw School, the next step in our education was heading up Glen Rogers High School. Because of this, for the rest of the month we're going to be following the Glen Rogers Owls as they advance through the WV Boys High School Basketball Tournament. There will be 13 articles coming up between now and March 30. 

Beckley used to have morning (Beckley Post-Herald) and afternoon (Raleigh Register) newspapers until they merged to form the Register-Herald, the current daily newspaper. Because of this, some days we will be featuring both a morning and an afternoon post to make sure you have all of the coverage. If you're not a sports fan, we apologize, but a great many of you may remember this historic season, and may know or be related to members of the team.

Today we pick up on Glen Rogers advancing to the state tourney!
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The next article is coming up on the 23rd, so remember to check back then.
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Today in McGraw History: Sherri McGraw wins DAR Essay Contest!

Today In McGraw History. . .

39 Years ago in the Post Herald and Register

Sherri is the GG-Graddaughter of John & Mahala.

(Sherri > Benny > Walter > William Harrison "Pole > John)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Today in McGraw History - March 9, 1920

Today in McGraw History. . .

March 9, 1920, 96 years ago

Some of you have heard our Counsin Warren talk about how John & Mahala's son, H.G (Dad), was the first house in our section of the county to have natural gas service. We found this note in the Charleston newspaper from 1920 sowing that the drilling of his well was complete. The well is played out and hasn't been in production in memory.