Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today In McGraw History. . .

Today In McGraw History. . .

From the Beckley Post Herald
June 30, 1972

When Galena retired, it was the first time since John McGraw established the first post office in current-day McGraws that a McGraw was not running the post office.

Robin McGraw, wife of Brian McGraw, the great-great-Grandson of John currently runs the office. (John>HG>Jack>Mike>Brian)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Famous McGraws we AREN'T related to: Tim McGraw

If you're reading this, then I'll bet my last dollar that you probably get this question everywhere: "Are you related to Tim McGraw?!?"

I hear it over and over again. Even my best friend asked me this! It really used to bother me back when but I'm better than I used to be about it. After one of those nights of getting asked this I thought that I just need find a way to let it go. My wife said, "Grown men don't cry about these kinds of things! You're angry all the timeWe should just sleep on it and one of these days you'll come up with something." For a little while I think she thought I was nuts!

Finally my little girl came up with the idea of writing a blog post. I usually don't take the girl too seriously because she's an artsy kind of tiny dancer, but this time it was a good idea. "Truck YeahI like it, I love it," was my reply! She said, "please remember me coming up with the idea if it works!"

All I want is a life where this doesn't bother me, so here we are. I went to my old friend the internet and got the facts and wrote this post. And I do feel better. At first I thought that the feeling can't really be gone, but it is!

You may have suspicions, but let me be the one to break the bad news to you -- WE AREN'T RELATED! He may be a real good man with a smooth southern voice but there aren't any Indian Outlaws in our tree! Something like that also means that we also aren't related to his father, baseball legend Tug McGraw.

Two balloons burst at once. Sorry for crushing your refried dreams of getting invited over for Thanksgining! Tim and Tug descend from a Richard McGraw who came to American and settled down on the farm in Kansas, where the green grass grows, about 1800. Our first American ancestor was William McCraw who was here long before the revolution and had died about 42 years before Tim's family got here.

Tug was born in California. Tim's Mom is a southern girl and Tim was born in Louisiana.

If you'd still like to explore Tim & Tug's unbroken family tree, it's available here.

If you caught all the jokes in this post, I need you to remember that I did it just to see you smile!

This post is now over, and not a moment too soon.

Part 2, Coming Soon!!!

(Disclaimer: I don't have a little girl and my Wife wanted nothing to do with this post!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another McGraw Elementary School and a Medal of Honor Winner

We aren't the only town that had a McGraw Elementary School!

Welcome to Francis X. McGraw Elementary School, in Camden New Jersey!

They call it "Marvelous McGraw." Well, they don't have to tell us that, do they? Go Mustangs!

Who is Francis X. McGraw and why did they name a school after him? Allow me to introduce US Army Private First Class Francis X. McGraw.

I'm sorry to say that we are not related to this gentleman, because he is the dictionary definition of a Hero. He is one of TWO McGraws who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Sadly he lost his life in defense of our country. The below article from the October 30, 1945, Camden Courier-Post tells his story. . . 

His posthumous award of the Medal of Honor was followed by other honors. 

The USNS Private Francis X. McGraw (T-AK-241) was a Victory-class cargo ship built at the end of World War II and served the war and its demilitarization as a commercial cargo vessel.

There was also a military installation in southern Munich, Germany, called the McGraw Kaserne which was used by the U.S. Military during the occupation of Germany after World War II named for Pvt. McGraw.

Private McGraw was laid to rest at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, in Henri-Chapelle, Belgium.

I said there were two McGraws who awarded the Medal of Honor and a future Blog post will tell you about Thomas McGraw who was awarded his Medal for service during the Civil War.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

WIN this Quilt!!!

This beautiful quilt has been created, handmade and donated by Lynne McGraw Goroncy, the Great-Great-Granddaughter of John and Mahalia McGraw.
(John - H.G. 'Dad' - Luther/Perry - Carl - Lynne)
How can you win it?
Read the note from Lynne below!

"I designed my “Visions of West Virginia” quilt using Civil War replica print fabrics and blocks that were sketched by Tina Richmond for the Mountain Quilt Quest 2010.  My interest in quilting began 38 years ago with Great Aunt Galena McGraw Kerns being my inspiration.  When our family would visit her I would marvel at her quilts and just love to rummage through her scraps.  I remember thinking, how does one accumulate this much fabric?   Well, all these years later I know how!  So as a memory of Galena and to all the quilters in the McGraw family, I am donating this quilt as the door prize at the reunion on July 19, 2015.  The catch is you need to be present to win, so I encourage you to attend and get your free ticket and chance to win the quilt." -- Lynne McGraw Goroncy

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Lynne for this most generous donation.

In the spirit of Lynne's memory of Galena, we thought that this year we would have a quilt show at the reunion. We would like for you to bring your family's treasured quilts, afghans, needlepoints or other handicrafts that have been created and/or handed down through your family. After lunch we will have an opportunity to show the items and to learn about the people who created them. 

Remember to mark your calendars for July 19, 2015!
The only way to win is to be there!