Wednesday, May 27, 2015

McGraw Trivia - McGrawsville, Indiana

Welcome to Wild, Wonderful McGrawsville. . . INDIANA!

McGrawsville is north of Indianapolis in the center part of the state. Looking at the map, it's a LOT flatter than our hometown of McGraws! Welcome to the farmlands of the mid-west! What else can we compare?

They both seem to be very small towns.

They have a Methodist Church, WE have a Methodist Church.

They have a Feed & Grain company, WE have a . . . well, I guess we don't have that.

BUT what we do have is a post office, they get their mail in Amboy, Indiana!

Here's a little history we found in the 1914 book "History of Miami County, Indiana"

As far as we can tell this Nelson McGraw is no relation to our branch of the tree - but more proof that our name has spread far and wide!

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